Spring Chamber Music Festival

This weekend 22 students had the opportunity to play in trios with Conor and Adrianna in our semiannual Chamber Music Festival. Each student had a rehearsal of his or her pieces with the string accompaniments and then we had an informal performance at the conclusion of each session. I'm amazed and inspired by watching the children smile and communicate about the music with the clinicians. Conor and Adrianna made the children comfortable, while also encouraging them to dig deeper into rhythm, phrasing and dynamic contrasts. This is a remarkable event and I'm so proud of each and every student who had the courage to get up there and share. Some pieces were polished and some were more fresh, but everyone took home new insight and experience. These kids are growing up with ensemble experience that is priceless. Congratulations to everyone and thank you Conor and Adrianna for your patience and expertise. Can't wait for our summer Red Pines Institutes!